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The Phantom affords Christine an ultimatum: if she will stay with him, he’ll spare Raoul, but when she refuses, Raoul will die (“The Level of No Return Reprise”).

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Bord Gáis Power TheatreThe Metropolitan Opera is a vibrant dwelling for probably the most artistic and proficient singers, conductors, composers, musicians, stage directors, designers, visual artists, choreographers, and dancers from around the world. Opera dinyanyikan biasanya dengan suara yang tinggi. Unbeknownst to Christine and Raoul, Erik has been watching them and overheard their entire conversation. Based mostly on the 1910 horror novel by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera is an exciting and romantic account of the legendary Phantom, a musical genius who dwells deep beneath a majestic opera house in Paris.

The Phantom gives Christine an ultimatum: if she will stay with him, he will spare Raoul, but when she refuses, Raoul will die (“The Point of No Return Reprise”). Shunned by society for his horrible facial deformity, he takes a promising younger soprano, Christine, beneath his wing and grooms her for operatic fame, all of the whereas falling deeply in love along with her.

As the Phantom is composing music at his organ, Christine awakens to the sound of the monkey music box (“I Remember”). Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mesmerising score along with jaw-dropping scenery and breathtaking special results, magically combine to carry this tragic love story to life each night time.

A scintillating musical score, an unconventional love story, and the extravagant units and costumes ensure this traditional musical continues to dazzle audiences of all ages. Indeed, someday later Christine returns to Erik’s lair, buries him someplace the place he will never be discovered (by Erik’s request) and returns the gold ring.

It tells the story of the hideously deformed Phantom who lurks beneath the stage of the Paris Opera, exercising a reign of terror over its occupants. Erik : The Phantom of the Opera, a deformed conjuror additionally known as the Angel of Music and the Opera Ghost. The musical opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Thu 9 October 1986 with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in the main roles, and there have been dozens of productions worldwide since then.

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Camino misplaced my vote when the 1.5 included a search bar which cannot be removed with out hacking supply code. With a timeless rating and a design that reinvented the stage spectacular endlessly, Phantom is a should-see on Broadway. In the managers’ workplace, André and Firman read notes from the Phantom and are interrupted by Raoul, who accuses them of sending him a observe saying that he should make no try to see Christine once more.


Have wanted to see Phantom of the Opera just about ever because it first got here out, it was not a disappointment in any way, the production values, music, solid, costumes and surroundings was every part I might have hoped for, simply stunning.

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