How Pensions Work

This is effectively a pay rise, so watch out for giving it up, plus there is no tax to pay on pension contributions (topic to annual allowances, above).

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How Pensions WorkIn case you have pension benefits coming to you, you’re among the most fortunate, as the variety of conventional pension plans continues to dwindle. In case you have questions about taking your pension, paying into a pension, how auto-enrolment works, pension liberation, state pension or low cost SIPPs, our detailed guides have all the relevant data, including our detailed forty-page PDF guide to taking your pension.

These pensions, also known as defined benefit schemes or in some cases Profession Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) schemes, are largely funded by employers, though employees may also have to pay into them. Consequently there isn’t any refund of contributions as the total pensionable earnings are utilized in the accrual of advantages within the Career Average arrangement.

Go to for more data on office and private pensions For extra data on your specific occupational pension, speak to your employer’s payroll or human resources division. And saving into one scheme doesn’t suggest you’ll be able to’t save into another or use different tax-environment friendly financial savings plans like ISAs.

You’ll be able to nonetheless use your retirement money to buy an annuity if you want to, but you now not need to. The pension freedoms that had been launched in 2015 imply that anyone who’s aged 55 or over can take their pension money however they want, whenever they want – there’s now full freedom.

Many occupational pension schemes make provision for employees who’ve to leave work early because of redundancy or ill health and likewise pay life assurance benefits. You have to 35 qualifying years to get the total new State Pension if you don’t have a National Insurance coverage record before 6 April 2016.

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In case your pension isn’t going to be at least equal to your expected GMP when it becomes payable, early retirement may not be doable. To get any contributions your employer offers, you will normally need to be a part of its scheme. You might have another 5 qualifying years on your Nationwide Insurance document after 5 April 2016 (every year including about £4.70 per week to your State Pension) equalling £23.48 every week.


In the event you’ve received an outlined benefit (closing wage) pension, there’s a risk of your employer going bust, leaving you with no pension earnings. If you’re a member of the scheme in Scotland, see the Scottish Public Pensions Company website for more information.

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